Our Rooms

The Streams: age 0-2 years

Our baby room provides a warm, nurturing environment where children are able to explore a wide range of activities that stimulate their development. The staff in our baby room have received specialist training for this age range, allowing them to cater for each child’s individual needs. Staff are also trained in baby sign language, helping to promote communication from an early age.

The Rivers: age 2-3 years

Staff in our toddler room have an excellent understanding of the needs of this age group and build a firm foundation for learning and development. Children are provided with free access to exciting and stimulating activities including arts and crafts, creative play and songs and rhymes, all of which encourage interaction and socialisation. There is also a quiet area in which to enjoy books, stories rest or sleep.

Young childrens most powerful learning

The Bridges: age 3-5 years

In line with the Early Years Foundation Stage, children in this room follow a more structured day and letter, sound and number recognition is encouraged.

We also aim to increase independence and confidence in preparation for primary school. Activities are designed to meet each child’s individual needs and interests which is achieved through a balance of child-led and child-initiated activities. Areas in this room include sand and water, creative, role-play and a comfortable and inviting book corner where children can relax and have free access to a range of books. We also have areas of learning which address maths, science, literacy and music. The use of ICT is also encouraged and the Pre-school room is equipped with an interactive whiteboard and computer.

Sensory Room

Our sensory room provides an environment that is relaxing, therapeutic and stimulating. Children are able to focus on their senses of sight, sound, smell and touch and the room is particularly effective in encouraging the development and exciting the interest of our very young children and babies. Sensory equipment can help develop key life skills including vocalization, gross motor skills, colour recognition and tracking. Our room is equipped with fibre optics, sensory tubes, a bubble machine, various lighting effects and tactile materials, a scent creating machine and music.